November 23, 2015

Hogwarts Pyrography

I think i've got the right word there. Its wood burning. I know a super talented artist who's whippin up stuff with her muggle skills and tools to bring joy to the witch and wizard set. Christmas is coming and i know she takes custom orders. You can find her shop here: By The Cats Paw

I bet you never wanted a set of wooden spoons more in your life. I know I never have. Set these babies to work with a quick enchantment and I know supporting your favorite house while you cook will make your food taste like it came straight from the kitchens at hogwarts!
 If you  have a more jewelry minded giftee on your list then how about a jewelry box!? This is wicked cool and even if I opened it and it was full of crayons Id still be overly stoked to get this. How about you!? its super detailed and beautiful. I don't know if she can stain these boxes or not but if you're not into pine it couldn't hurt to ask.
Anyhow I'm super absurdly impressed with her work and I just had to share. I'm not huge into gifts gifts gifts stuff stuff stuff during the season but i do think that if you are going to give a gift a hand crafted gift (by you or another artist) really is the way to go. *raises the banner on my big stupid soap box* BUY HANDMADE! :0) or ya know.... just go check out her page and be super impressed with her awesome craftiness. Either way have a beautiful night!

November 20, 2015

Ravenclaw Jack-o-lantern for overacheivers

SOOOOOOO.... my super bestie bestie is a Ravenclaw. In every way. Good thing she cares about being a perfectionist, type A, book learner cause I'm, well... not quite dumb as a bag of hammers but, maybe less perfectionist than some. Anyhow were a perfect match and her super over achieving pumpkin this year inspired my kinda lame, but no less sincere, effort at this Harry Potter tribute pumpkin. I think the Great Pumpkin would still approve of both of our efforts.
She took hours to get her design on this thing and then carved it 1/2 way through the flesh of the thing so that it would glow out without collapsing. She did not use wood carving tools for this task (although the great pumpkin might bring her some for next year if shes gonna produce this kind of work with a plastic saw and a tiny shoveling device from a kids pumpkin kit).

I am super impressed with her work. gah! I can't even

I just can't.

November 11, 2015

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

A hundred years ago I was in a book club with my friends. It all started with a Happy Birthday Harry book club meeting wherein we talked about all the books in the series and brought harry potter inspired foods and drinks. The book club continued like this and foods and drinks inspired by every book we read became the tradional fare. sometimes it was ALL deserts. Sometimes it was ALL booze. and sometimes we had a good mix. we never talked about what we were going to bring or try to make a balanced meal. that was all part of the fun.
When it came time for the annual Happy Birthday Harry meetup Everyone got really ambitious. i mean how could we not, being such passionate fans and all, and having SO many great inspiring tutorials on the internet for foods and drinks by other fans, AAAAAND I got The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for christmas one year. So this ravenclaw i know decided to get to gether and test out some of the recipies. I made Kreacher's French Onion Soup (made Vegetarian by subbing out veggie broth for the beef broth) and she made Boiled Potatoes with Herb Vinaigrette. Pages 63 and 123 respectivley.
Of course we whipped it up like proper witches, packed up our book club stuff and headed over to our Hufflepuff hosts house via apparition. Everyone brought a variety of AMAZING things to eat and drink from Hagrids Rock cakes to Harrys birthday cake (only fitting). The butter beer was a huge hit! look how pretty it is!!
Over all im really pleased with how our recipes turned out. The directions in the book were easy to follow and i really love how they state what part of the series the recipe was inspired from and give quotes etc. There is also a very helpful area in the beginning of the book with cooking tips and things like that. If youre a Harry Potter fan and don't own this book i highly recommend it. even if you dont like to cook that much its still a pretty interesting reference book.

November 5, 2015

Harry Potter Pumpkin

So this year i was inspired to try a t-shirt stencil out on a pumpkin. Same basic idea right? Cut out the negative space? yes sort of.

Lets start here. I didn't make this stencil. One of the very cool and generous potterific crafters on the internet did and I just screencapped it and printed it the size I need it. you can find her post here. I included her picture below so that you could see what a cool design it was before it got pumpkined. :0) Not that I think it turned out bad as a pumpkin it's just way more detailed as a t shirt stencil. to get it onto the pumpkin i taped it on there and used a thumb tack to poke a bunch of little holes around the design. you also can use a permanent marker and then use a magic eraser to remove any left over marks after you carve.
Turning this into a pumpkin was a bit rough but I think it would have been much easier if I'd have done a few things differently.
  1. If I'd have had an actual pumpkin carving kit and not just a melon baller and a huge kitchen knife. I think I could have done the details better. as you can see I broke off part of the lightning bolt. *grump*
  2. I could have gotten ALL the details and made it look REALLY rad and just like the stencil if id have gotten a little wood carving kit and shaved off the top layers of the pumpkin instead of cutting all the way through it. This would also solve the problem that occoured two days post carving... wherein harrys whole face collapsed in and then got eaten off by a squirrel -_-
I hope you liked this post. I have another post coming with a WAAAAAAAY more impressive pumpkin made by a Ravenclaw (of course. overachievers) Did you guys make any potteriffic pumpkins this year? if you did share a link in the comments! id love to see them!

April 2, 2015

Deathly Hallows Dish Cloth Tutorial

Hey guys! I'm super delighted to show off this tutorial I did for a friends blog. She is doing a series of guest bloggers called "Stretch Your Skills 2015" or SYS 2015 for short. There are all sorts of crafters doing all sorts of tutorials that are meant to grow your skills in a variety of crafts. I LOVE this idea cause you KNOW what a craft pusher I am. Any how my tutorial is for a pretty basic dish cloth. You lean a basic single crochet granny square, and if that sounds too easy, I also teach you how to embellish it with surface chain stitch and a picot edging. Check out the tutorial here. Its a download for easy access. And please be sure to check out Alidas whole blog. Shes awesome and this was such a fun challenge for me to get to participate in. Thanks!

February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Harry Afghan Block 6

6! 1/2 way there!!! you can find the other 5 blocks i've done for this over here. 
This was a CAL (crochet a long) for the coffee/ yarn shop i own in Diagon Alley with some other witches called Starknuts. you can learn all about it here.  you can find all the patterns here

This Particular blocks pattern can be found here on Ravelry or here on the interwebs. This one worked up perfectly as is. no modifications needed

January 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Harry Afghan Block 5

Woo! heres another one done- you can find the other 4 blocks i've done for this over here. 
This was a CAL (crochet a long) for the coffee/ yarn shop i own in Diagon Alley with some other witches called Starknuts. you can learn all about it here. you can find all the patterns here

This Particular blocks pattern can be found here on Ravelry or here on the interwebs

Modifications to make this a 12" block: 
I followed the pattern to round 8 & then did the following:
Round 9 - repeat Rnd 8 doing 6 sc, hdc, dc, tr.
Round 10 - repeat Rnd 8 doing 7 sc, hdc, dc, tr.
Round 11 - repeat Rnd 8 doing 8 sc, hdc, dc, tr.
Round 12 - Round 9 of pattern
Round 13 - Round 9 of pattern.