September 4, 2013

SO you want to be a Death Eater

Death Eater Mask Materials: 
  • Plaster Gauze Rolls 
  • Vaseline 
  • Vegetable Skewers 
  • Silver spray paint 
  • Black acrylic paint 
  • Rubbing Cloth/paper towels 
  • Silver paint (acrylic or other) 
  • Tie of some kind (rope, fabric, etc) 
  • Hole Punch (or drill)
  1. First I covered my face in Vaseline so that the plastic gauze do not stick to my face and hair. This is extremely important over your eyebrows, eyelids, anywhere you have hair. It will even stick to peach fuzz! I cut the plaster gauze rolls into smaller strips and set up in front of a mirror (I did this by myself, but it’s easier with someone else to apply the strips). I dipped the strips in water and began to apply them to my face, making sure to cover all areas I wanted for the mask. Be sure to leave space for you to breathe our your nose, especially if you are covering the mouth. I plastered over my eyes, mouth, just under my chin and jaw line, and back to my hairline (again make sure you used lots of Vaseline!). Be sure to do at least 3 layers (overlapping) so that your mask will be strong. It doesn’t take long to harden, but one it does, simply wiggle your face and the mask to pry off easily enough (if you used enough Vaseline!)
  2. I let the mask dry completely (make take a day or so, or use a hair dryer/fans) 
  3. Next I cut out the eyes, drill through the nostrils to make sure they are clean, and cut out part of the mouth for the added “grill” detail. I use extra gauze strips to “hem” the seam around the outside, as well as around the eyes, nose, etc. You can even sand down the areas to make them look nicer. I hot glued the skewers (cut to size) and place plaster strips over them to integrate it into the mask. I also drilled the side holes where the ties will go to attach the mask to my face. Let it dry again. 
  4. Next comes the painting! I started with a base coating of metallic silver. For a deatheater you could use any combo of silver, black, gold, copper, etc to achieve your unique mask look. I sprayed the inside and outside in order to “seal” the mask, otherwise sweat could dampen the plaster and fall apart. 
  5. Once the base coat is dry (you may have to coat a few times) I generously applied black acrylic paint to the raged surface of the mask. When doing this, you must wipe the black off as you go, so it only sticks into the crevices, creating an old, metallic, evil looking mask.  
  6. Lastly, I decided to add some extra lines of “decoration” to the mask, such as swirls and patterns. I used silver paint to accomplish this. It takes some practice (I had to re paint mine more than once cause I messed up). 
  7. Lastly add the ties to the sides and now you can be a bad guy! I love how the mask fits perfectly to my face, making it very comfortable and menacing to wear.
 ** this post brought to you by my insanely talented friend Jeremiah Boehr. Feel free to go friend him on face book! this was his mask and his write up and geez hes nice for sharing it! THANK YOU!!!!!

August 22, 2013

Mad Eye Toady

I know I know!! this vegetarian is posting hilarious harry potter related texidermied animals!!!! but i cant help it. this is one of my favoriet bloggers and its just so funny. im going to imagine that all these animals dropped dead of natural causes after living very happy and long lives.....don't judge me.
i totally kleptoed this photo from the blogess cause you needed to SEE why you should go read her ridiculous post over here and probably her whole blog.....dont be mad at my thievery bloggess ok?

August 7, 2013

Mandrake Me

Have you ever wanted a reason to shriek your ever lovin' head off for no reason all day long? well i'm gonna give you one. when you're a mandrake EVERYONE wants to try to unpot you to see if you'll scream. Here's a real general breakdown of how i made my mandrake costume for the very last movie midnight release (*sob*)
First you start with a bendy plastic beer bucket thing from walmart ($5) and you cut out the bottom. Then you paint the bucket a pot kinda color. *note i learned from repainting the beauxbatons shoes that the spray paint for plastic works GREAT all by itself no primer needed on surfaces that flex and bend. plastic primer and regular spray paint do not. as proven by this project. it was fine for one night but its almost all flaked off now. i wanted the metal bucket look but that didnt come in the plastic spray paint. i think when i repaint it ill try to go for a terracotta look. ill blog that process if it ever happens :0)
now you need dirt to put in your pot. how else are you gonna grow!? so i used this auto upholstery weight fabric cause it HAS to be somethin real sturdy and i liked the dirt like texture of this stuff plus it was REAL cheap as a remnant. i cut off the salvage edges and and cut them a little longer than my natural waist measurement (read: thats around your belly button area. not where you wear your pants. thats your high hip) and i sewed them together along the cut edge. i did not enclose any seams. i wanted this costume all frayed.
then i sewed a circle of fabric with a slit up the side and the center cut out to that waist band. kinda like making a circle skirt. see here for a better idea of what im talking about. except hers is slightly less than a full 360 circle but its close enough.
figure out how far below your natural waist you want your pot top to be and cut  your dirt skirt to a few inches longer than that (see below). Im really sorry i didn't take pictures of this next part but i was totally out of hands to be able to accomplish that.  i put my sewing machine 1/2 way off of my table and held the needle end with my knee. then i put the dirt bottom edge inside the pot and literally hand cranked (read: twisted the needle up/down knob instead of using the pedal) around the whole pot. it didn't take too long. it was way faster than trying to hand sew it. the needle went through the plastic just fine but i needed to hand crank to fenegal all the parts and try to hold the bucket and the fabric and the machine. sheesh.
to make your roots for both wrists and ankles you do this: get a buncha cotton fabrics in different patterns but all the same color family. snip snip snip the edge. grab two adjoining snipped sections and RIP! yeah! thats fun huh?! rip rip rip. all nice and frayed. pick up a couple of strips and sew those to the bottom of some brown leggings. just keep adding clumps of roots and sew a little bit till you get all the way around the leg.
To make the shirt i bough 2 short sleeved nude color t shirts cause they were like $1 a piece. one i left as is. the other i cut long strips out of the front and the back. roughly in a sleeve shape (see below) the length was the distance from the sleeve edge to my knuckles. one end was as wide as the sleeve opening. the other was a little wider than my hand. then i a sewed (right sides together) down each long side and across the short narrow end turn it right side out and added my roots in the same fashion as the leggings. on the sewn shut narrow end i just snipped the holes to poke my fingers and thumb through. then i sewed this onto the existing sleeve opening.
Now you crochet an ear flap hat look up any pattern on the internet or just make a beanie and sew on two triangles with braided chin ties where your ears are. i imagine you could sew this kinda shape too if you are disinclined to yarn things. i did mine in this more helmet shape to be sure it covered all my hair. then i just sewed the front flap back cause it was just more comfortable on my face that way. then i bought a fake fern from walmart and murdered it. ripped the little bastard limb from limb and stuck each limb through a hole in the top of the hat and whip stitched around it to secure it.the whole hat was less than 3 bucks.
Using parchment look scrapbooking card stock i printed out my warning label from my friends blog and tied it on with some hemp i had laying around. TADA!!!! MANDRAKE!!no magical earmuffs?! shes really brave or really dumb. i cant tell which but either way shell be passed out shortly. someone get ready to catch her!
I really hope you like this and that it answered all your questions. if not feel free to ask away! ill do my best to answer. you can send me a private msg with the comments form in the sidebar or you can always ask in the comments. i bet other people might like the answer too! 

Please follow my blog or comment. it makes me feel awesome like im surrounded by other hogwarts students!

July 17, 2013

Polijuice Potion

Note the "i" instead of the "y' in the name. thats how you know its generic brand Polyjuice Potion. way easier than trying to figure out if thats a real Louis Vuitton purse huh? my pal Jeremiah (yeah im friends with a death eater but he wasn't always like that. im sure i can win him back to the right side) made this for my birthday party a few years back. As we all know i love to have a themed party. They are almost always a potluck, a majority of the time involve wearing a costume, and most usually Harry Potter centric :0).
Heres a jpg of the label that he so kindly shared with us so we can ALL make our own bottles of polijuice potion. i dont know what was in this and he couldnt remember either i just recall that it was boozey and sweet and had yogurt in it for texture. which was gross and delightful all at once!
Word from wiser witch...even if its in the fridge, do NOT let this sit around for over a year and then clean it out. The gagging could not be contained. i'm pretty sure it was a bio hazard but i really wanted to keep the bottle. Id probably get rid of it if you don't drink it that day or the next and never ever let it sit out on the counter. i dont want anyone to get sick and i'm no scientist. all i know is i wouldn't eat yogurt that had been sitting out all warm and junk so you probably shouldn't do that to this either.

July 10, 2013

Wand for the Dark Arts

Another wand! maybe i should have tried to apprentice to a wand maker instead of spending all my time  at
Madame Malkins leaning to sew. This wand was made for my friend Meghan and shes a dark witch. Slytherin through and through but still i see the good in her. She has yet to use any of the unforgivable curses but ive seen her get pretty mad when riding her broom. I really like the way i did the label on this. ill have to use that design again soon. you can make a wand too you know. check out my tutorial here.

July 3, 2013

Mckledis' Birthday Wand

About a year ago i made this wand for a friend. You can learn how to make one like this too using my tutorial here. I really like the way that teal leather looks and i had just the perfect hand made clay bean in my stash to top it off.